Haley Ni



My name is Haley Ni. I am attending North Carolina State University with an intended major of Chemical Engineering. I hope to graduate by May 2020.

Why Chemical Engineering?

As a child I always thought I was going to become a pharmacist just like my mom, however that is not the case. As I approached my senior year I realized I enjoyed the chemistry behind medicine rather than the retail aspect. I looked into majors that dealt with the creation of medicine which lead me to where I am now. As a chemical engineer I hope to mass produce pharmaceuticals so that they are affordable to everyone. My life goal is to help the public.


Class Course Title Semester
CH101 Chemistry Fall 2016
CH10 Chemistry Lab Fall 2016
PY205 Physics Spring 2017
PY206 Physics Lab Spring 2017
MA141 Calculus 1 Fall 2016