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Hello! My name is Hayden Plunket. I am a freshman Mechanical engineering student at NC State. I chose this major because I would love to work as an automotive engineer someday. Gaining knowledge about Mechanical parts and systems will help me greatly towards that goal.

This upcoming summer I have an intership with John Deere in Waterloo, Iowa. I will be working in their factory in the engine department. The internship is a 13 week program and I am incredibly excited. I will be working with other college students from all over the country and hope to make some good friens. I know this experience will help me become a more mature and well rounded person.

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  1. Physics 205
  2. Dynamics
  3. Scuba Diving
  4. Bees and Beekeeping
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Wolfpack Motorsports Wolfpack Motorsports
American Society of Mechanical Engineers ASME