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My name is Harry Goldin and I am a freshman going into computer science. I have always been preety good with computers but lacked extensive technical knowledege. So I decided to go into computer science in order to gain a better understanding of general computer knwledge and program development. I already have a few classes under my belt as I took two programming courses in highschool pertaining to Visual Basic and Java. I am beginning my first major specific courses next semester with csc 216.

I enjoy reading comic books. I have been a fan of superheroes since I first saw "Spider-Man"(2002) when I was five years old. With the surge in popularity of comic book based films as I am being exposed to more and more characters and stories. Not surprisingly my favorite comics character is Spider-Man, but I also a soft spot for Bataman and Captain America. I find the long and extinsive history of the characters fascinating if sometimes overwhelming. My intrest also grew within my group of friends I had the greatest amount of Super Hero knowledge, so I attempt to learn more in order to fill this role.


And here is my resume."

How to order a pizza

Class Expected Grade
Physics 205 A
Eng 101 B
E 115 S