Welcome to Henry Kunz's Webpage


A Little About Me

Freshman Engineer (Aerospace Intent)
NC State University
Expected Graduation: May 2020

More About My Major

I chose engineering because I have always enjoyed building things and tinkering with different projects. Specifically, aerospace engineering peaked
my interest because I have always loved planes and flying, and even got to fly a plane for a school project last year. With this major, I plan to go work
for a major airplane building or designing company where I can make planes efficient and faster for the ultimate goal of a sustainable planet and faster
air travel.

Special Skills

Applicable Classes

Class Course Title Semester
E115 Introduction to Computing Environments Fall 2016
E101 Introduction to Engineering and Problem Solving Fall 2016
MA242 Calculus III Fall 2016
CSC113 Introduction to Computing-MATLAB Spring 2017
GC120 Foundations of Graphics Spring 2017