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Hello! My name is Harivansh Mareddy, and I am a current student at NCSTATE University. I am majoring in Electrical and computer engineering. I choose ECE as my major because of its broad opportunities and my interest in robotics. I Love building things and working on robots and recently started to enjoy programing because of my programming classes. I choose to get a double major because I wanted to understand the electrical and computer side of things. I believe it will provided a better perspective and a deeper understanding with things.

My am currently looking for summer internships to gain some experience. My dream job would be to start my won company one day and work on day to day tasks, contact people and discuss the growth of the company. I would like to incorporate artistic design and well quality built product standards into the things my company would build. I would like to start a technology that would help people and complement their lives. I am currently interested and believe that future technology like artificial intelligence and virtual reality will enhance our lives. So I would like to incorporate that technology to into the products.

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