The Future is Bright.. as long as we remember to turn on the Light

My name is Hannah Martin, but my friends call me gingy. Currently, I am enrolled as a freshman here at NCSU, and I absolutely love this university. My intended major is Civil Engineering with a focus on structural design. As many of us are aware, decisions change, so I may decide to CODA into Industrial Engineering instead. A main reason why I am so interested in both these majors are the reasons that Civil Engineering would allow me to look into the design of building structures while also making them environmentally friendly; Industrial Engineering interests me because I would have the opportunity to interact with businesses in hopes of making them more efficient. All in all, I want to help the world.
Through my childhood, I was introduced to many different recreational sports. Reaching the age of 10, I discovered what sport would entertain me for years to come and soon become my passion: volleyball. All through middle and high school I played volleyball for my school team and for two different travel teams. It soon became my main hobby to take up most of my time. Other hobbies that occupied my time were kayaking, hiking, and going camping with my family.

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  1. A foot long sub on wheat bread
  2. Turkey meat
  3. American cheese
  4. Lettuce, pickles, and spinach
  5. Ranch dressing

Class Expected Success
Calculus B+
Chemistry C
Economics B-

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