My name is Henry Poe and I am a freshman in Exploratory Studies. I am planning on attempting to CODA into Computer Science. I took computer science classes at one of the best programs in the state at Enloe High School. I really enjoy it and I scored a 4 on the AP exam my senior year. It has proved to be a lot of work but not terribly difficult this semester. I also beleive that the career field fits my personality.

My favorite hobby is easily Ultimate Frisbee. While I would prefer to call it a sport as hobby sounds far too casual. I am a member of the club team here at NC State. We have quite a few tournaments coming up in the next 5-6 weeks. Most people on the team have aspirations to get to the National tournament which is taking place in Raleigh this year. The A team has around 25 players on it. It was quite a personal accomplishment to me to make the A team as a freshman.

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  1. Go to dominoes.com
  2. Create medium pizza
  3. Select bacon and pinapple as toppings
  4. Click finish and checkout
  5. Pay for it
  6. Wait
  7. Eat
Class Exp. Grade
USC 102 B+
PY 205 B
E 115 S
CSC 226 B+
CSC 216 A-

Picture of me making a catch in a State Tournament game

Henry Poe Ultimate Catch

Only present because the other one won't show up