My name is Hannah Reese. I am a freshman at NCSU majoring in chemical and biomolecular engineering. The reason I chose this major is because I enjoy math and science and, as confusing as this may seem, think that making industrial enzymes sounds awesome. I'm looking forward to a great time at NCSU for the next four years. I've been performing well in my classes up until now and hope to continue in that fashion. I am in the honors program.

In order to rival Franklin Street, we don't have to do anything because UNC already fails at life. One of my friends knows someone at UNC and wanted to get them to come over here because I'm going to one of my friend's house for a party, in which we are watching three movies. It will be far more fun than anything on Franklin Street because we are at least 100 times as awesome. And because I want to laugh at my acquaintance when he finds out how he made the wrong decision.

This is Andrew Jackson, greatest president EVER.

This is a silly site.

Want to get in touch with me? I won't answer you even if you do. I don't like it when weird people e-mail me.

This is the class I have to do this for.

This is a real roadsign, by the way. I suggest you walk to Krispy Kreme sometime and see it.
And now for an ordered list of reasons why I don't like college football.

  1. I've got more important things to do with my life.
  2. I've been forced to watch enough football back home to do me forever.
  3. Concession stands cost a lot of money.
  4. Drunk tailgaters scare me.
  5. I hate competitions.

Class Grade
MA 241 A
CH 101 A
E101 A
E115 S
HON 202 A
CH 102 A
HI 365 A

"It is a damn poor mind indeed which cannot think of at least two ways to spell any word." -- Andrew Jackson