Welcome to the world of Henry Soewardiman! Please enjoy your stay!

My name is Henry Soewardiman. I am a Freshman at NC State. I am currently in the First Year Engineering major. My intended major is Mechanical Engineering. I am choosing that major becasue it is a very general engineering major that can be applied in many fields of work.

My favorite hobby is playing video games. I best enjoy the story of role playing video games. Role playing games allow for the player to mold their own story. My favorite role playing games are the Dragon Age series. Due to being in college, I try to limit my playing time to the weekend and breaks. YouTube Logo Click here for my resume!

  1. Call Papa John's
  2. Ask for a large pizza
  3. Ask for pepperoni, pineapple, and sausage
  4. Provide delivery information
  5. Provide billing information
  6. Thank the caller
  7. Hang up
Class Expected Grade
E101 A
E115 S
EC205 A
HI350 B
MA242 A
PY205 B
PY206 A
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