About Me

My name is Henry Collins. I am a first year student with the intent in majoring in electrical and computer engineering. I chose this major because it interests me more than the other types of engineering. I like to learn how different types of electronics work. I feel an electrical and computer engineering degree would serve me best.

My favorite hobby is playing video games. I first started playing when I was ten years old. Growing up, I would get together with all of my friends and play for hours. I don't play as much now, but I still consider video games my favorite hobby. They provide both a competitive outlet and a way to spend time with friends.


How to Order Papa Johns Pizza

  1. Find phone number of local Papa Johns or visit their website
  2. Call Papa Johns or begin placing an online order
  3. Order a pizza with ham, bacon, and pinapple. Anything else is incorrect
  4. Await delivery and pay for your pizza. Don't forget to tip!
Class Grade
Calculus III A
Environmental Sustainability A
Physics 205 B