Hello, my name is Henry Yadon and I am a Freshman in the college of engineering at NCSU. I am majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering. The main reason I chose my major is because I am very interested in logical problems and math, both of which are heavily involved in electrical engineering. I am also majoring in computer engineering, because the way the department is set up makes it very easy to get both degrees at NCSU. There are only a few more classes I need in order to graduate with both degrees.

My favorite hobby is playing the saxophone. I started playing in sixth grade and have played the alto, tenor, and soprano saxophones. In high school, I was in the marching band, jazz band, and concert band. I also played in the orchestra at my church. Here at NCSU, I play in the Jazz ensemble in the music department. It is a lot of hard work and practice, but I enjoy it.

HIS NAME IS CLYDE This is a link.
  1. Go to restaurant.
  2. Go to counter.
  3. Order Reuben.
  4. Eat Reuben.
Class Grade
E 261 A
ECE 109 A
PY 205 B