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My name is Hanson Hao and I am a freshman. I intend to major in Aerospace Engineering because I have a passion for aerodynamics and flight. I am also interested in Mechanical Engineering because it would complement my interest in Aerospace Engineering. Both Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering are hard departments to get in to so I must study hard. That also implies that I get through E115.

My favorite hobby is basketball. I developed this passion for basketball early on in my life when I realized that I was good at it. My passion grew within the past few years as I began watching NBA basketball, which inspired me to practice more and become a better player. I lead an intramural basketball team here at NC State. The team itself is hopelessly unskilled, but we have fun.

  1. Grab a loaf of organic, whole-wheat, gluten free bread.
  2. Take 2 slices of bread and set them on a clean surface.
  3. Now forget instruction #2 and set the bread wherever you want because who cares about cleanliness.
  4. Take out your wallet.
  5. They say the best foods are made with love. So begin stuffing the bread with dollar bills because who doesn't love money.
  6. Give the sandwich to Hanson for quality inspection. (Don't expect the sandwich to be returned).
Class Expected Grade
EC 201 A+
CH 101 B+
MA 141 A
CH 102 A+
E 101 A+
E 115 S