Hi! Welcome, I am Hang, one of the wolfpack!


About me

My major is Computer Science, and I am studying in North Carolina State University

I plan to graduate in 2019, if that is possiable.

Why Computer Science?

I would like to create something interesting, I think Computer Science is this kind of tool to help me

to make new useful things. Also, I really want to get a job from some cool companies like Google.

Special Skills

  1. 1.Knowing basic knowledge of Java.
  2. 2.Always creative
  3. 3.Willing to learn new things
  4. 4.Very focus when I am programming
  5. 5.Can sleep less time than others
Class Course title Semester
CSC116 Introduce to Java 2016 fall
MA141 Calculus 1 2016 fall
FLE101 Academic Writing 2016 fall
Ma241 Calculus 2 2017 spring
Ma242 Calculus 3 2017 fall