Isleida Almonte. Welcome to My Page



My name is Isleida Almonte, and I am an Electrical Engineering student at NCSU. When I started college, my intended major was Civil Engineering at University of Puerto Rico, but after taking Physics II, I felt very interested in Electrical Engineering. I want to do at least two internships before I graduate. Therefore, my anticipated graduation date is December 2019.

Professional Goals

I chose this career because I am very interested in how we can find cleaner sources of renewable energy. Another reason why I decided to change my major to Electrical Engineering is because I would like to help bringing power and access to education to some overseas communities I visited when I was a child. When I graduate, I would like to work for a power company and become a professional engineer. I also want to be able to travel and expand my professional network.


Relevant Courses

Class Course Title Semester
ECE 200 Intro. to Electric Circuits Summer 2016
ECE 109 Assembly Language Summer 2016
ECE 220 Analytical Foundation for ECE Fall 2016
ECE 209 CS Programming Fall 2016
ECE 211 Electric Circuits Fall 2016