Welcome to my Page!


My Name is Ian Sprague and I am a freshmen First Year Engineerng student at NC State University. I am planning to major in the field of nuclear engineering. I chose this degree because I was always interestedin the nuclear field in school and wanted to further my understanding of the topic. Other than nuclear I also have expressed interest in material science as well as chemical engineering. I hope that no matter what major I end up going in to that I perform my best.

School Break

The best school break I have had in my educational career would be my sophmore year in highschool around Christmass time. During the break me and my family went to Disney World for the week. There we stayed at a decent resort area with its own swimming pool. When we visited the park I managed to get my sister to ride one of the more frightening rides. I regretted it after due to the fact that she cried the entire time and my parents were not pleases.

Favorite Websites

1. Favorite Search Engine aka Google 2. Reddit Logo

Pizza List

  1. Gather Ingredients
  2. Assemble Them into a Pizza
  3. Put the Pizza into the Oven for the set time
  4. Remove and Enjoy!
    1. Class Expected Grade
      Chemistry 94
      Calculus II 88
      E115 Pass

      Break Image

      Disney Logo