Welcome to ichill's homework5a masterpiece!

My name is Ian Conal Hill. I am a Freshman at NCSU. I am intending on becoming a Biomedical Engineer. I always liked math and science, and I wanted an intellectual challenge from life
so I chose a major that would do just that. However, I like the idea of helping people and I find medicine to be a very interesting field, making my choice of Biomedical Engineering
a no-brainer for me.

My favorite animal is a dog. More specifically I love beagles! Dogs are loyal and loving animals, but beagles are especially loving and the greatest of companions. Beagles are hound dogs
which makes them great for hunting and tracking. However, the part I love most about beagles is how adorable and snuggly they are!

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  1. Drive to Papa Murpheys
  2. Drive home with best pizza around
  3. Bake said best pizza around 400 degree Farenheit
  4. Eat the greatest pizza around, once it cools that is. We aren't monsters.
Course Name Expected Grade
E115 S
CH221 B+
PY205 A-
PSY200 A+
E122 A
MA241 A
adorable puppy