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About me

My name is Isaac Blanco and I am a full time student at North Carolina State University. I am enrolled in the College of Sciences and am currently on my way to completing my B.S. in geology. Though a senior on paper, and in time spent in college, I have another three semesters before I graduate (victory lap!). Most of my time is spent doing schoolwork, doing things for my fraternity (Delta Upsilon, of which I am an executive member), or organizing things for the school geology club, of which I am the vice president. Outside of those areas, I don't really do anything acceept watch netflix before bed. Most of my time is spoken for so I don't have time, nor energy, for cool hobbies.

One of my current classes is CSC 200. If there is one thing I truly enjoy about this class it is my instructor, Professor Marini. I think it is cool that she grew up not twenty minutes from where I was raised (NJ represent) and her sense of humor is refreshing. However, I seem to be the only student who laughs at her constant references and jokes. Aside from the professor being pretty cool, I enjoy learning about coding, and while I undertsand the "coding" in this class is very basic, I had no knowledge of it before hand so starting at square one is alright by me. I am looking foward to moving past html to excel because I am decent at it already, but am interested in learning more as it would be a usueful skill to master for any future career I might have. If there is one thing I could change about this class, it would be Profesor Marini's seemingly constant, though probably unintentional, habit of keeping the class past the schedule end time. Although two or three minutes might seem inconsequnstial for most, I have a class across campus in Jordan Hall directly after class and it is not uncommon for two or three minutes to mean the difference between being on time or late to that class. Luckily my professor has not been terribly upset about it, but I still feel rude every time I show up late.

Table 1. Food in the Five Food Groups I Like and Dislike
Food Groups
Brown Rice
White Bread
Fruits & Veggies
Apples & Broccolli
Grapefruit & Brussel Sprouts
Fats & Sugars
Milk Chocolate
Dark Chocolate
 Me and my date, Deven, at DU's semiformal. Fall