Welcome to my webpage. I am a student at NC State University



My intended major is Electrical Engineering. I am currently studying at NC State University. My anticipated graduation date is in March of 2020 but it may be after that if I do a co-op wich I am serisouly considering.

Career Choice

The reason I chose my major is that it pays well and is something that interests me. I like seeing projects work and come together and I think engineering is the perfect job to work with that on a daily basis. I imagine I will work for a tech company at first but eventually I would like to start my own business. I also really like helping people and I think engineering is a great way to do that.

Class Course Title Semester
Introduction to Engineering and Problem Solving E101 Fall 2016
Introduction to Computing Environments E115 Fall 2016
Fundamentals of Economics EC 205 Fall 2016
Calculus III MA 242 Fall 2016
Chemistry- A Molecular Science CH 101 Fall 2016