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My name is Ian Alivio. I'm a freshman at NC State. I am a Paper Science and Engineering Major. I first heard of the major from a family friend who is a professor in the College of Natural Resources. I felt that it was doable for me and very secure while allowing me to pursue some of my own interests, so I enrolled for that.

My favorite hobby? Creating, I suppose. To be more specific, creating in the context of writing worlds and characters to drive the stories within them. I love working with other people to write stuff like that. Right now I'm in a group that works across the world to write something of a story within a derived universe for the fun of it.

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How to Order Some Pizza

  1. Go to the Papa John's website.
  2. Customize your pizza.
  3. Call your local Papa John's.
  4. Wait for your pizza.
  5. Pay for your pizza.

Class Expected Grade
MA 141 A
CH 101 A
HON 310 B+