My name is Isaac Caldwell and I am 18 years old and a first-year student at NC State. My planned major is Computer Engineering because I have always had an inherent interest in computer technology and am more interested in the physical hardware aspect more than coding. I am also interested in Mechanical Engineering but have not looked into the major yet.

Before I came to NC State, I had a job at Lowe's. It was my first job and it was great, my coworkers were fun to work with and the job payed well and I was never bored often. I would get very hot during the peak summer heat though, that was the worst part of the job. I would like to go back and work another summer there, or over winter break as well.

Photo of me
  1. E 144
  2. CHEM 111
  3. ENG 101
  4. MA 141
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