About me!

Hi! My name is Isabella Forst, and I am a NC State freshman that is currently in the Inter-College Transfers Program! I wanted to major in Industrial Engineering while I was a member of the Engineering First Year program, but I didn't realize how much math there was going to be. I am looking to major in Technology, Engineering, and Design with a concentration in Graphic Communications, with minors in Technical and Scientific Communication and Computer Programming. English is my favorite subject, although I really enjoy coding in Python.

One job I've had before was as a lifeguard at a small community pool. Last summer, besides the two head injuries and the time when one of my co-workers almost caused a 30 year old water filter to explode, it was a sleepy, small pool with not much to do. My dream job is to be a technical writer, and serve as the middleman between programmers and engineers and the media or general public. It seems like the perfect combination of my interest in writing and my interest in programming!

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Some of the classes I am the most exicted about taking at NC State are:

  1. HESF 112: Fitness Kickboxing
  2. TDE 110: Materials and Processing Technology
  3. GC 205: Desktop Publishing and Engineering Technologies
  4. ENG 331: Communication for Engineering and Design

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    eSports Club eSports Club Website
    Club Water Polo Club Water Polo Website