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Welcome to my About Me page! My name is Ian Highsmith I am an Environmental Engineering Major Class of 2019. I chose this major because I have done a lot of work as a Trail Construction Supervisor for the Department of the Interior (National Park Service, Forest Service and the BLM) and would like to continue working for them in a more long-term and interesting way.

I left my home and family and moved to Montana when I was a young kid and stumbled into a job working on a trail crew based out of Helena, MT. I quickly climbed the ranks and was given my own crew by the age of 22. This job was absolutly incredible. I woke up every morning in a tent in some of the most beautiful places deep in the backcountry of this amazing country. I worked long hours building and repairing trails as well as bridges, retaining walls, stairs made from trees or stones and much more. I've lived and worked in every National Park and almost every National Forest in Montana, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming and Nevada. Unfortunatly, It's a job for young men and women. It's hard on the body (which is great when you're 19 and full of dumb energy) and because you have to be gone for 4 to 30 days at a time with no way to contact the outside world, it's not a great job for someone who wants to start a family.

Northern Nevada Winter

Classes I Find the Most Interesting:

  1. Physics For Engineers 1 and 2
  2. Stellar and Galactic Astrophysics
  3. Abnormal Psycology
  4. Anthropology

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Engineers Without Boarders EWB Website
Environmentalists for Effective Education EEE Website