Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen, this is my homework 5a webpage

My name is Ian Ness. I am a freshman, which also makes me a first year. As of now I am in the general engineering program. I am very unceartain about which major I would like to pursue. I am interested in Civil Engineering because I like bridges.

My favorite hobby includes playing quidditch. I train every single day of the week with my quidditch team. We have the latest models of nimbus' to fly(run) faster. I am the teams seeker and am responsible for catching the golden snitch. The snitch is clever though and can easily squeeze through my grasp.
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  1. Cut two slices of bread
  2. Layer ham and cheese on bread
  3. Attempt to heat up sandwich in oven
  4. Burn sandwich
  5. Buy sandwich at Jimmy Johns
Class Expected Grade
Ma141 B+
E115 S
Ch101 A