Welcome to my website! My name is Ishan Jolly


My Plan!

I'm currently undecided as to what my major should be. I'm between electrical and industrial engineering. Which ever one I choose my expected graduation date is in 2020.
I atttend North Carolina State University

Why those majors?

I am considering electrical engineering because I have always been interested in electronics. The way they work facinates me. However, Industrial engineering would provide
me with a good base to go into a business profession later on while also giving me a way to distinguish myself

Class Course Title Semester
EC-205 Introduction to Economics 1st semester, Freshman year
E115 Introduction to computing environments 1st semester, Freshman Year
E101 Introduction to engineering 1st semester, Freshman Year
MA-242 Calculus 3 1st semester, Freshman Year
CH-101 Introduction to Chemistry 1st semester, Freshman Year