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Ikechukwu Julian Onuoha
Graduation May 18'
Chemical Engineering
I chose Chemical Engineering because I both like and am interested in Chemistry and Math.
Both of these are the foundations of Chemical Engineering and I wish to impact the society and innovate as a chemical engineer

In my spare time, I am either reading an article or exercising in the gym.
I started exercising after I broke my leg,it was part of the physio-therapy to strengthen the leg and I ended up sticking to it long after I started walking again.
I started reading articles shortly after learning how to use the internet, it takes away stress and broadens my perspective on events going on across the globe.

CNN Logo My Favourite Tech Article Site
  1. Get Ingredients Out. (Whole Wheat Bread, Ham, Salami, Smoked Turkey, Lettuce, Tomato slices, Italian Dressing, Mayonnaise and Mustard)
  2. Lay out the bread.
  3. Layer the meat(Ham, Salami and Smoked Turkey) in any order.
  4. Lay the Lettuce and Tomato slices over the meat.
  5. Drizzle some Italian dressing over the vegetables.
  6. Spread a small amount of Mustard and Mayonnaise on the opposite slice.
  7. Put the two sides of the sandwich together.
  8. Enjoy the best thing since sliced bread.
Class Grades
CHEM 101 A
CALC 141 B-
ECON 205 B+
E 101 A
E 115 S
E 144 A+
HESF 104 S
Arnold Schwarzenegger Exercising