Welcome to Jason's Page, I hope that you find all of the requirements for homework 6.

My name is Iason Katsaros. I am currently a Freshman. I'm currently in First-Year Engineering but I intend to do Electrical and Computer Engineering. I chose this major because I love dealing with computers. Within these majors, I can work on hardware and software. Since they have such similar classes, I don't have to take too many extra classes in order to get a double major. I'm also hoping to get a Masters in Computer Science or Electrical Engineering when I finish with senior year.

My favorite hobby is Scuba Diving. I started in 2012 and have completed over 100 dives. I have been to the caribbean twice and Florida three times in order to get experience and some of my Certifications completed. It's so amazing seeing a part of the world that is never shown because it is so hidden from most people. My deepest dive was 110ft where I saw a sunken shit. The story goes that they were carrying drugs and the ship was sunk by the navy in Bonaire. Although it may seem scary, Scuba Diving is very fun and safe as long as you stay within your limits and follow all of the guidelines.


My Quantum Computing Article

  1. Go to Mama Mia's Pizza Place
  2. Tell them you want a Mama Mia Pizza
  3. Make sure that it's half-half Cheese and Pepperoni
  4. Wait 30-40 Minutes for it to be made
  5. Enjoy the best type of pizza, thin crust

Course Name Expected Grade
Calculus 3 A-
Chemistry A
E115 S

Jason Scuba Diving