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My name is Isaac Tolbert, and I am a freshman at NC State University. I'm currently in the first year engineering program, but my intent is to go into electrical engineering. I've wanted to be an engineer since I was very little, so I've always known that I've wanted to use science and math to improve people's lives. I chose electrical engineering because I like working with computers and technology. I think that what technology is capable of is very fascinating, so I'm excited to be going into a STEM field.

I have a variety of things I like to do in my free time, but my favorite hobby is reading. I really like to read articles on science and technology, such as Tesla's advances in electric cars or the New Horizons probe and its journey to Pluto. I also like to read science fiction books. My favorite author right now is Isaac Asimov. He wrote a book called I, Robot, that deals with artificial intelligence and established his famous "3 Laws of Robotics".

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  1. Make a tasty crust
  2. Add a zesty sauce
  3. Add cheese
  4. Bake it in the oven until it is done
  5. Enjoy!
Class Expected Grade
E115 S
CH 101 B+
MA 141 A
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