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Hello My name is Imtiaz Rahman. I am currently a junior at NC State university going for a degree in industrial engineering. I picked this major because it really puts an emphasis on making things more efficient in all sectors of the product market. This enables future generations to be more productive in the workforce. It also enables us to further advance progress on fields such as medicine.

One thing I am enjoy doing very much is working out at my local gym. This isn't only due to the fact that I am staying health, its part of the reason. When I am working out, I can be in my zone and not have to worry about things that are going on in my life currently. Also its a very good feeling to be covered in sweat and knowing that you accomplished something for yourself today. It also gets you ready for the day physically because your body is already warmed up.


How to order Pizza

  1. Find Company you want pizza from
  2. Get phone number and order
  3. Tell them which toppings to put and tell them your address
  4. Wait patiently
  5. When pizza arrives, pay the bill and tip the driver

Class Grade
E115 Pass
Calc II B
Physics A