Welcome to my page!

Hey there, My name is Ibrahim Al Araimi. I'm a freshman doing Civil Engineering at NC State University. I am supposed to graduate from NCSU by Fall Semester 2020 *fingers crossed*. I picked this major because my father is a professor who teaches this major back home and so I've learnt to like it since I was a young child as he used to take me to lectures that he'd give to his students. A lot of people do not know what Civil Engineering is all about but still say ignorant things about it such as its "no good" anymore. I hope I can be a successful Civil Engineer one day. To me CE is more than just a major, it is something I love and care for doing right.

My favourite hobby is Quad-biking. I have a modified Yamaha Banshee 350cc. I have been biking since I was in my second grade. I had my first accident when I was in grade 7 when I was trying to show off but failed miserably, fell off the bike and hit my head on the pavement; luckily I was wearing a helmet. I still ride whenever I have a chance though. Riding is something I don't think I would give up even when I'm all grown up and have my own children.

“Netflix_Logo” My favourite Paper

How I clean my bike and make it shine bright like a diamond

  1. Mix water with soap
  2. quickly wash bike first time with water only
  3. insert water and soap mixture into liquid pressurizing machine
  4. wash bike throughly by use of machine
  5. slowly polish tyres and seat and leave polish on for a while
  6. wipe off polish

Class Grade expected
Economics 90%
Chemistry 85%
Precalculus 95%
Introduction to computing Environments PASS

Yamaha Banshee