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Hello, everyone. My name is Jonathan Beachum. I am a freshman here at NC State University with an intended major in Electrical Engineering and possible a dual in Computer Science. I have been interested in this subject since about my first year of high school, when I first took an electronics class. My teacher sort of pushed me in to it and got me interested in the subject. Since then, he's had me enter into several different competitions, some of which I won like the SkillsUSA State Conference just to name one. Long story short, I really like the concept of building circuitry and how it basically runs everything; and the idea that I could design these is simply awesome.

I have several 'hobbiers', per se, but today I will only talk about one of those: video gaming. I'm not professional or anything, but I feel as if I could be. I've been at it since I first started playing on my dad's Playstation. I had the privilege to play such games Final Fantasy VII, Legend of Dragoon, Spyro, and many, many more. That was basically my childhood: one great game after another. Unfortunately with me being broke, it's going to hurt not being able to get all these beautiful games coming out for the new consoles, but I believe I will be able to cherish them soon enough.

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    Making An Awesome BLT
  1. Take some toasted white bread
  2. Slap on a little bit of mayonnaise
  3. Add you 'necessary veggies" (lettuce and tomato)
  4. Then add some bacon strips
  5. And more bacon strips
  6. And even more bacon strips
  7. Then, top it off with a little bit of that Jack Daniel's secret sauce (not really)
  8. There you have it; a rockin' BLT with extra emphasis on the B, son
Class Expected Grade
Elementary Japanese I (FLJ101) B
Chemistry: A Molecular Science (CH101) A
Calculus I (MA141) B
Final Fantasy Characters