What's up, my neighbor?

My name is Justin Crider. I am majoring in Mechanical Engineering. I chose mechanical engineering because I am very interested in cars. Mechanical engineering always sounded most interesting to me due to the involvement with motion that mechanical has. I did a project in 8th grade that helped me decide that I wanted to be a mechanical engineer.

My favorite hobby is racing. I have been racing stock cars since I was 4 years old. I enjoy working on my race car with my family and going to the track and competing. I am a very competitive person and I enjoy winning. Racing takes up a lot of my time and effort but is very rewarding.

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  1. Obtain bread
  2. Apply turkey
  3. Apply American cheese
  4. Apply barbecue sauce
  5. Apply shredded cheddar cheese
Class Name Expected Grade
E 115 S
MA 242 A
PY 205 B
EC 205 A-
Justin Crider Racing