Welcome to my web page. It is still my humble abode.

My name is Justin Davis and I am currently a freshman. My major is in engineering with an undeclared intent. I chose to go into engineering because I love looking at how the world works and I want to learn all about a new field. I am interested in going into the biomedical engineering field with a concentration in biomechanics. I feel as if mechanical engineering would also be a great major to go into because I like seeing how things work. If I am able to get into biomedical, I'll be able to mix these two fields together.

My favourite hobby would definitely be playing music. I have been a percussionist in band since sixth grade, and I have continued to play to this day. I am now able to play drum set as well as the piano. There is just something about playing that music that soothes me and let's me express myself. I even have started to play with some friends in our dorm room using guitars and a cajon.

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How to Make my Favorite Sandwhich

  1. Grab 2 slices of oatmeal bread
  2. Spread creamy peanut on both slices
  3. Spread natural honey on both slices
  4. Slice up a banana and place them on one slice
  5. Put slices together and enjoy!
Course Expected Grade
E115 Pass S
MA 141 A
Ch 101 A-
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