Welcome! I am excited for you to read my page!

Hello my name is Justin Drum. I am currently a freshman enrolled at NC State. Currently I am an engineering major. I plan to CODA into nuclear engineering at the end of this semester. I chose nuclear engineering because I am interested in energy engineering. Nuclear stood out to me because one of the grand challenges is for nuclear engineers to provide energy from fusion.

My favorite hobby is playing sports with my friends. My favorite sports include baseball, basketball, soccer, and football. You can often find me at the baseball field hitting and fielding with my father. Otherwise you can find me at the gym working on my shot alone. On Friday's I am often throwing football with my friends outside. During the summer I spend my afternoons at Elon playing soccer with my little brother.

FJammin My Resume
  1. Obtain bread, peanut butter, jelly, and a knife
  2. Spread peanut butter on bottom slice of bread
  3. Spread jelly on top slice of bread
  4. Put two slices of bread together
  5. Cut PB&J from corner to corner
Course Name Expected Grade
CSC 112 A
E 115 S
MA 341 B+
PY 201 A-
ES 100 A
baseball diamond