Welcome to My Amazing Website!

Hello, my name is Jake Ferrero. I am a freshman here at NC State and I intend to major in Computer Science. I am also hoping to double-major in Computer Engineering. I plan on becoming an Engineering Ambassador and am planning on doing a Co-op. I also enjoy playing frisbee and football with friends.

It's hard to choose between Christmas Break and Spring Break, but I think my favorite break from school is Christmas Break. The first reason I love Christmas Break so much is simply because Christmas is the best holiday. I also enjoy Christmas Break because me and a few of my friends always go up to Beech Mountain to snowboard. It's also the longest break, so that's a plus. Spring Break, however, is a close second.

Beech Mountain

Some of my favorite sites:




    How to make Pizza:
  1. Flip and toss some dough until it is a beautiful circle
  2. Add tomato sauce
  3. Add cheese
  4. Bake
  5. Enjoy!

Some of My Classes This Semester: Intended Grade:
MA241 A
CH101 A-
E115 S