Hello, my name is Jordan Fizer. I am a freshman at North Carolina State University. I am currently in the college of engineering with undeclared intent. I am still unsure of which engineeering discipline i would like to go into. I think that civil engineering may be a good fit for me, but it is still a toss up.

Winter break was probably my favorite break from school. Spring break was also fun, but i didn't really get to see many of my friends from back home over spring break. Most schools have the same winter breaks, so i got to see most of my friends from back home when i visited. Also, Christmas was over winter break and everyone loves getting presents.

I absolutely love March Madness. I really don't see how anybody can not like March Madness. I especially like it because basketball is my favorite sport. I just love turning on a basketball game and knowing that both teams are giving it their all because their seasons depend on it. This makes for the type of atmosphere where any team can come out victorious.

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    How To Make The Best Sandwhich Ever

  1. Get footlong hoagie roll
  2. Add ham and turkey
  3. Add mayo and mustard
  4. Add lettuce and tomato

These are a Few of the Classes I am Taking This Semester
Class Grade
E115 Pass
Econ B
PY205 C

Winter Break