Welcome to my NCSU Homepage!

Hello, my name is J. Aaron Hamrick. (The J stands for Joseph.) I am currently a Freshmen at NCSU currently planning to study Industrial Engineering, although I have not 100% decided yet. I am also considering perhaps a career in Civil or Aerospace engineering. What I really like about Industrial engineering is the variety of fields it can apply to. I'm a rather indecisive person, so I like that I won't be tied down to one specific industry, There is a ton of career opportunity and diversity in industrial. Pretty much every product or service has an industrial engineer somewhere in the process. This also means I could live just about anywhere that I wanted which is very important to me.

My favourite hobby would have to be percussion. I have been drumming ever since I was very little, and I consider it to be one of the most influential forces in my life. I was drumline captain in high school, and I also played the kit in jazz band nearly all four years. I also enjoy jamming with a group of my friends is a band sort of thing. ALl of my best memories have to do with me drumming. As of late in college where I can't really have a kit with me, I have been playing a lot on my Cajon, a box-like drum of Peruvian origin that's both super portable and has got a great sound to it. I got it as a graduation gift and I love it to death.

My Resume

  1. Obtain two slices of bread
  2. Toast them
  3. After Toasting, open and place slices of turkey and ham
  4. On top of that place lettuce, tomato, and swiss cheese
  5. on the top peice of toast, spread mayonnaise and dijon mustard (but not the really spicy kind)
  6. Place top toast and compress
  7. Enjoy!

Class Expected Grades
HI-209 A
MA-141 B
E-115 Satisfactory