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Welcome to my humble domain.

My name is Josh Henson, and I am currently enrolled as a freshman at NCSU. I am a member of the First Year Engineering program, with declared intent for Civil Engineering. My interest in Civil Engineering was sparked by a family friend who I traveled with to various construction sites. However, I am not set on this field, and also have interest in the environmental aspects of engineering. The likeliness of an outdoor work setting in this field is very appealing to me.

To this point, my most enjoyable break from school has been this past summer. While most of my time was spent juggling three jobs, the spare time I was allowed was well applied. The highlights were the several beach trips taken by my group of friends. We had access to a condo in Emerald Isle, and would regularly spend the weekend there. The lack of adult supervision, and the availability of the beach made these trips very memorable.

Flightless Birds Penguin's Mortal Enemy
  1. Spin the dough
  2. Spread the sauce
  3. Add toppings
  4. Put in oven
  5. Take out of oven
  6. Throw away
Class Expected Grade
CH101 B
MA141 A
FOR150 A