The coolest person ever

My name is Jacob Jay and I am a freshman in first year engineering with aerospace engineering intent. I am interested in aerospace or mechanical engineering because I like math and physics and enjoy creating and building things. I am personally more interested in the subject matter of Aerospace engineering, but I think that I will choose mechanical because of its broader applications. I also want to be able to use my engineering degree to be able to work on alternative and renewable energy at some point, which would be easier with mechanical. Aerospace is very specific.

I love hiking. It feels very refreshing to disconnect from the urban world and spend some time connecting with nature an getting exercise. There are plenty of places to hike where I am from and I have group of friends I go hiking with. I go hiking with my friends whenever I go back home on break. I am very excited to go hiking and camping this summer. It is important to stay in touch with nature.

  1. Get two pieces of bread
  2. Put peanut butter on one
  3. Put jelly on the other
  4. Put the two pieces of bread together
Class Expected Grade
CH 101 A
ES 200 B
EC 201 A