Welcome to my very own webpage!

Hello, my name is Jeremy Kuhne and I'm in Materials Science and Engineering at NCSU! I am currently a Freshman in the summer START program. I developed a love for chemistry, which eventually led me to go to NC State's engineering summer camp. I went to the Materials Science camp, where I learned about the molecular chemistry base of the major. I find it very interesting to relate atoms and molecules to their properties on the macroscopic level. I can't wait to start taking classes in my major!

As for my favorite vacation, I have been down to the British Virgin Islands three times, and each was a blast. I went with parents, friends and neighbors. Each time, we chartered a sailboat for a week and spent the night on board. We sailed around to the many islands and explored as much as we could. In the picture at the bottom, we're at The Baths, large formations of boulders that are great for climbing over and walking under.

Back home, I have a cat named Xin Shang (yeah, my mom named her). She is now thirteen years old. She's kind of small, but will bring the fight to a dog if she has to. I have never had a dog, but I never really wanted one, as they always messed with me and would sometimes knock me over. I once had a raccoon as a pet, rescued from the side of the blue ridge parkway. Once Ellie Mae grew big enough to tear through screen doors, we released her in to the mountains.

Bahn Mi

  1. Add vinegar, sugar, salt, shredded carrot and daikon together and let sit for 15 minutes to make a slaw.
  2. Toast a baguette and cut off the round ends. Then split it like a hamburger bun.
  3. Spread a mixture of vegetable oil, fish sauce and soy sauce on the cut faces of the baguette.
  4. Add liverwurst to bottom slice of bread and add chiles, chopped onion and cilantro on top.
  5. Add sliced rotisserie chicken, lettuce and slaw.
  6. Spread top bun with mayonnaise and finish sandwich
My Classes Expected grade
EC201 B
ENG101 B-
E115 S