E115 Homework 5

My name is Jacob Libera. I am a freshman in the School of Engineering. I am currently undecided, but am leaning towards environmental engineering. I want to get involved with new energy and improving our environment. I have always had a deep interest in this particular subject. I first knew that i wanted to be involved in this field when i did my senior project on the "Environmental Crisis".

My favorite break that i have had was in high school. Over spring break, my dad, brother, a few friends of mine went on a 50-miler backpacking trip on the Appalachain Trail. We hiked for five days northbound starting through Virginia. At one point in the trail, we encountered a famous mountain called "The Priest". Its called that because it is so long and so steep that is said to "bring you closer to God". It was one of the toughest hikes that i have completed. It was a great experience.

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  1. Get Grade A Bread
  2. Put mayonaise and mustard on the grade A bread
  3. Put three slices of turkey on the bread
  4. Put lettuce on the sandwhich
  5. Close the sandwhich and cut in half
Formula Compound Name Class
N2 Nitrogen Non-Metal
O3 Ozone Bad
CO2 Carbon Dioxide Oxide
CL2 Chlorine Halogen
F2 Flourine Halogen
Backpacking Nitrogen