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My name is jared maclean. I am a junior transfering into NCSU to be an electrical engineer. I have no idea why you want two more sentences. do you know why? Apperently it's not a paragraph without five. ><
My favorite hobby is writing- or at least, that's the one i talk about the most. I'm currently writing a story where familiars are summoned, but occasionally you get a sentient mythological creature with little reason to obey you. Do note that little reason isn't no reason. Amanda summons a fairy, and gets dragged off to a containment center/school as a result.
Of course, it escalates from there.
First chapter of my story. Don't have a relevant resume for you.
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  1. Debate with family or freinds which brand to buy
  2. Come to a consensus that everyone is at least willing to tolerate
  3. Order pizza from said brand pizza place
  4. Physically go and pick it up.
    1. Class Expected grade
      Calculus 3 A-
      ECE 115 Pass
      ECE 109 A
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