Meet Part of the Pack

Meet Justine Neville. Justine is a Freshman at NC State this year and is majoring in Environmental Engineering.
When asked why she wanted to pursue this field of engineering Justine responded: "I've always loved nature.
Water is my favorite element and all over the world, there are many problems with water quality and availibility.My dream job is to be hired working with either the purification
of drinking water, or cleaning of polluted rivers such as the Hudson River in New York."

As a college student, a well deserved break is always appreciated. In addition to asking what major Justine wishes to pursue,
we asked Justine what her favorite break was and why. Her response was as follows:
"In all honesty I can't really choose. Probably not fall break because it's too short. I guess Summer because I get a whole two to three months that are
completely stress free. I tend to rip my hair out during the year because I stress over grades so much."

A Very Potter Musical Gmail
  1. Retrieve bread, Oil,Vinegar,Lettus, Tomato, Turkey, Pepperoni, Salami,& Pastrami
  2. Put Oil and Vinegar on Bread
  3. Put down 1 layer of Turkey
  4. Put down 1 layer of both Pepperoni and Salami, thinly sliced
  5. Top off with 2 layers of Pastrami
  6. Finish with lettus and 2 slices of tomato ontop
  7. Top it off with more Oil and Vinegar
  8. Eat & Enjoy
Class Grade
E115 75
Hi 207 85
Chem 101 90
Ma 241 85
E101 95
Econ 205 95
I Love Summer