My name is Joseph Andrew Sullivan. I am part of the NCSU class of 2018 undergraduates and am majoring in nuclear engineering. I chose this major because of the chemistry sub topics and certain fields of physics I have found and still do find nuclear physics and chemistry to be the most interesting. Needless to say, math and science have always been my particular areas of strength in terms of academics, and so nuclear engineering seemed to me to only follow as my academic concentration.

My favorite pass time is running. I started running in the 8th grade after the doctor told me that I was fat and needed to start exercising. My dad, at the time, was training for a marathon, so I decided I would also train for marathons, or at least try to. After a year of running three times a week I ran my first half marathon in 2 hours and 2 minutes, not my best time, but after that I was pretty enthused. I started running everyday for the next four years. During that time I ran around 14 half marathons, bring my time down to 1 hour and 15 minutes for the 13.1 miles. Come senior year in high school I decided to join the cross-country and track teams. Although the 5k and the 1600 (my events) are a far cry from half-marathons, I managed to perform decently well during the seasons, and even win a few races.
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Favorite Paper

E115 Satisfactory
Cultural Anthropology B+
Calculus II A-

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