Homework 6 is the Best Homework Ever!!!!!

Hi my name is Jonah Swartz. Im a junior currently working towards a degree in human biology. I choose to work towards a degree in biology because i enjoy to learn about how the body works. Biology is also really fun for me in general because I love science and working in labs. With this degree I hope to work in a lab researching cures and new types of medicine.

My favorite hobby is probably video games. I love to play competitive games such as League of legends and Counter Strike because it lets me be competitive and compete. I also love to play rpgs and story driven games such as Darks souls and Legend of Zelda because I love a good story and fun game play. I grew up playing video games with my brothers so they always been a huge part of my life and meant alot to me. Video games are also my favorite hobby because it gives me an outlet to relax and have fun with my friends and girlfriend while getting away from the homework and stress of college.

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  1. Drive over to Ruckus Pizza
  2. Wait in long line
  3. Order a slice of Buffalo Chicken Pizza
  4. Wait 15 minutes for cooking
  5. Enjoy delicious Pizza!
Class Expected Grade
E115 S
CSC 281 A
PY211 B