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Hi my name is Jonathan Balliet. This is my first year at NCSU and I am a junior. My major is Computer Science. I decided on Computer Science as my major because I've always enjoyed computers and appreciate the creativity and challenge that comes with programming. Currently I would like to work as a software developer in my future career path. Computer science is a field that is always changing and I enjoy learning about the possibilites of where we can take technology in the future, such as with artificial intelligence, machine learning, and virtual reality.

My current job is working as a house sitter, dog walker, and pet care taker. I love working with animals but the amount of driving I do can be tiring at times! I'm planning to get an internship over the Summer in something related to software development. I am also considering getting a part-time job on campus in the future or even working as a research assistant.

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Classes I'm looking forward to taking at State:

  1. Intro to Artificial Intelligence
  2. Automated Learning and Data Analysis
  3. Human-Computer Interaction
  4. Operating Systems for Computer Scientists
  5. Web Services
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STARS Computing Corps link
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