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    I am John Barrett Chesebrough. I study Agricultural and Environmental Systems but I have a coda application in for Biological Engineering. This is my third year at state so I am technically a junior but I do not think I will graduate next year. I like to keep myself busy. Outside of school I practice Krav Maga which is the IDF's martial art. I also work as a server at The Irregardless Cafe. I am really interested in outdoor work. During the summer I dig being on the move. This summer I plan to work abroad on a farm in Colombia and a whale reserve in Argentina. I go to music festivals too. I've gone to Bonnaroo and Firefly the past 2 years and this year I am going to volunteer for Bonnaroo and Electric Forest (Never going to Delaware[firefly] again.)
    The cool thing about CSC 200 is the emphasis on developing a way for students to think about computers. I was fortunate enough to have enough of a background with computers to be able to think about them in a healthy way rather than as a tedious aspect of modern life. I really like learning about computers in abstract terms. Computing for Ordinary Mortals has been my favorite part. Specifically breaking down the Computer into a hierarchy. The concept of computational thinking is really cool to me and I like being able to know analogs for computer processes. The only thing that I personally would like better about this class is if we got to do real programming rather than simplified versions. It would be really great to have a class that is the philosophy of computers and true programming.
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