............ WELECOME to my second (and probably greatest ever)(and also personal) website

Like I said in the very lengthy title, this is a website in which you will learn everything you wouldn't really care to know about me!

I have not yet decided on a major, but I am considering two very different options. I am good at math, so I always thought that Industrial Engineering was for me, but I am starting to realize that I am more of a business-oriented person. This has confused me deeply and I have no idea where I will go from here. Business seems like something that I would want to do, but industrial engineering seems like something that a person like me would pursue. You just never know these days, I tell you what. Check back soon for a finalized major decision.

My favorite hobby is playing golf. I have played golf for many years and have competed since I was 8. I have played hundreds of golf tournaments and won a few, but unfortunately I also have many runner-up finishes as well. I play sometimes at our golf course here, although I seem to spend a lot of time doing my homework for my classes instead of playing golf. But hey, at least my priorities are in check, you know?

One of my finer papers
  1. Get out bread.
  2. Put on peanut butter.
  3. Put on jelly/jam/nutella.
  4. Eat.

  5. MA241 E115 EC205
    A S B