Julie Earp

Ph.D., Virginia Tech, 1997

Associate Professor of Information Technology
North Carolina State University
Department of Business Management
1344 Nelson Hall
Raleigh, NC 27695-7229 U.S.A.

Email: Julie_Earp AT ncsu DOT edu

(+1) 919.513.1707
(+1) 919.515.6943


Julie Earp is an Associate Professor of Information Technology in the Business Management Department of the College of Management at NCSU.

She is heavily involved with the The Privacy Place, the Institute for Advanced Analytics and various IT policy initiatives both on and off campus. Her research focuses on Internet security and privacy issues from several different perspectives, including data management, consumer values, policy, economics and law. The ultimate goal of her work is to demonstrate the need for supporting the early stages of the software lifecycle, specifically addressing the need for novel approaches to security and privacy coverage in web-based systems. Her research has gained international recognition through best paper awards at international conferences and workshops, and through publication in outlets such as IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, IEEE Security and Privacy and Communications of the ACM.  

Her involvement in educational activities has included her role as co-founder and co-director of the NCSU E-Commerce Studio. The Studio is a lab in which management and computer science graduate students collaborate in multi-disciplinary teams to develop Web-based e-commerce applications for industrial partners. In keeping with her research focus, students in the Studio are taught how to develop appropriate security and privacy policies as well as systems that are in compliance with those policies.

She has also been a leader in developing the Information Technology curriculum under the Business Management degree at NCSU. She has initiated, designed, and taught several courses at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.



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