Jessica's E115 Homework5a

Hi, my name is Jessica Gomez. I am a freshman in the college of engineering at NC State University. I plan on graduation in May of 2017; currently, I am an Engineering First Year planning to CODA into Mechanical Engineering. I originally was thinking about Biomedical Engineering, currently my second choice, because I am interested in designing prosthetic limbs. After speaking with my advisor and seeing all the opportunities at the career fair, I discovered that I can also go into prosthetics through Mechanical Engineering and have a broader engineering degree with more job opportunities.

Summer break is what I am most looking forward to! I have worked hard, attended career fair prep, went to the career fair, went through the resume and interview process, and have received a summer internship at Eastman Chemical Company in Kingsport, Tennessee. This is the first year Eastman has ever given a freshman an internship, and I am honored to say that I was the one and only freshman chosen. I am beyond excited to find out what chemical, industrial, and mechanical engineers do in their careers at Eastman and see where I can put forth my best effort. Since I am still undecided, this gives me the real world feel for what I could be doing one day. This summer will hopefully help me see what engineering is for me, and open up even more opportunities for the future!

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Class Name Grade I Hope to Make
CH101 A
CH102 A+
ENG101 A
E144 A
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