Welcome Cool People!!!!

Hello those who have ventured far for this website, my name is Joshua Lambert. I am a first year undergrad and am studying Paper Science & Engineering. I chose this major because of my interest in chemistry, organic materials, and the paper industry. I hope to graduate within 5 years with my degree and to pursue a career in the business end of the paper industry. I always have had a passion for sustainable materials and I am excited to learn more and more everyday I am in class.

I bet you are wondering about my hobbies, I have many but my favorite thing to do is to play with my beagle Shelby outside. My beagle is older but she is still very rough just like when she was a pup. I let her outside in my backyard and I throw ball and frisbee with her. Sometimes I take her to the park and let her ride upfront with me and hang out of the window. She is a very sweet dog and is fun to play with even around babies.


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This is how you make my favorite sandwhich, PB & J

  1. First, you grab your bread and utensils
  2. Second, you slap some peanut butter and jelly on that bread with your newly found utensils
  3. Third, you put those sweetly glazed puppies together
  4. Fourth, cut into two seperate slices and enjoy with some milk
  5. my

    Classes taking this semester Grades I expect to recieve
    PSE 201 B+
    E 115 Pass
    EC 201 B
    ENG 207 A-
    CH 101 A
    CH 102 A
    MA 111 B